Trials and developments

In the past decades, the number of newly used materials, mixtures and areas of application has multiplied and changed. We learned a lot and gained experience. The close contact to fiber manufacturers and users has enabled us to carry out current and practical tests with new developments.


The possibilities at a glance:

Laboratory and pilot plants:

  • Standard laboratory equipment
  • Pilot plants
  • Fiber-washing facilities

Research and Development:

  • Papers and nonwovens
  • Fiber materials
  • Mixtures
  • Chemicals
  • Binder
  • System components
  • Machine components
  • Prototypes and presentation templates

Tests and developments on the Wetlaid laboratory system at Reutlingen University:

The data and components of the wet fleece laboratory system at the HSR:

At PILL-NVLA at Reutlingen University we have the opportunity to carry out tests of all kinds.

The equipment is very extensive:


The data of the NVLA (= wet fleece laboratory facility):

Formation width = 305 mm (12 “)
Formation angle = \ 20 ° \
Speed range = 1 -> 10 m / min
Basis weight range = 4 -> 2,500 g / m²
Number of layers = 1 or 2

Stock Preparation:
Pulper, Dutch, 4 agitator chests and 1 dissolver chest
1 fiber and 1 dilution water pump per layer
2 water separators with vacuum connection

Inclined wire:
2 round distributors, double headbox, 1-chamber drainage box,
3 single slot suction cups

Impregnation sieve:
1 curtain coater, 3 slot suction cups

AquaJet system:
2 nozzle slots up to 50 bar

IR field:
Preheating with 7 emitters

TAD belt furnace:
2m long, with temperature range up to 200 ° C

Cylinder dryer:
2 drum Ø 800 mm, PDFE 150 ° C + stainless steel 200 ° C
with winder

The components of the NVLA of the HSR:

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The manufacturing process of nonwovens from carbon and PP fibers.

Shown at the NVLA of Reutlingen University.

Wetlaid nonwoven technology: Trials with Neptune grass at Reutlingen University in 2015:

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