Fibers and nonwovens

The fibers: Raw materials for processing

We test fiber types of various lengths, thicknesses and condition on our Wetlaid nonwoven laboratory or pilot plants. The suitability for leaf formation can be determined within a few minutes. There we research with a wide variety of materials, mixtures and consistencies.

Which fiber is needed for which nonwoven?

First, the requirements for the wetlaid nonwoven have to be defined. The condition must be identified.

Fibers become “volume images” and determine, among other things, the absorbency, opacity, elasticity, strength, dimensional stability and aging resistance. Depending on the composition of the fibers, food-grade, insulating, fire-resistant, permeable and impermeable, textile-like, paper-like, tough and wrinkle-resistant nonwovens are created. The range of applications is diverse.

We support you with advice and our experience from numerous tests, e.g. With:

Renewable fibers:
Flax, hemp, jute, kenaf, bast, pina, coconut, palm, sisal, ramie, banana / abaca, lily, mulberry bast / kozo cotton fibers, wood shavings, hair, Neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica).

Synthetic fibers:
PES, Viscose, Rayon, CoPES, PA 6, PP, Polyacrylic, Aramide, Nylon.

Binding fibers:
PVA, co-polyester, bicomponent fibers.

High-tech fibers:
Kevlar, Nomex, ceramic, PTFE, carbon.

Mineral fibers:
C glass, E glass, quartz glass, micro glass, rock wool, basalt.

Metal fibers:
Titanium, stainless steel.

Of all kinds.

Waste + recycling fibers:
Textiles, leather, shear dusts, carpet fibers.

The nonwovens: Wide range of applications.

Possible areas of application:

Nonwovens for air, oil and fuel filters, door panels, spoilers, dashboards, inside of roof.

Electronics, aerospace engineering:
Nonwovens made of metal fibers for shielding against electromagnetic waves and radar beams, ceramic fibers for thermal insulation, battery separators, printed circuit boards and sealing elements.

Food and Household:
Filters for the food and beverage industry, e.g.: teabag nonwovens, coffee filter nonwovens, vacuum cleaner papers, sausage skin and cigarette filter wrapping papers.

Hygiene and medical products:
Different nonwovens for one-way products, analysis base papers, filters.

Filtration technology:
Different nonwovens for all filterable media up to clean room filters.

Insulating materials:
Nonwovens made from almost all fiber materials.

Paper technology:
Design papers, blotting paper, paper tablecloths.

For Japan papers, jewelry wraps, florist papers, wallpapers.

Construction industry:
Flooring, gardening, landscaping and forestry
Nonwovens made of glass fibers for bituminized roofing membranes and shingles, raw roofing felt, PVC floors, fire protection nonwovens, plant pots, protective nonwovens.

Clothing Industry:
Nonwovens for shoes, bags and accessories, for protective and surgical clothing.

There are many possibilities for reprocessing a wide variety of materials and waste products. For example carpet recycling, recycling of shear dusts.

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